Créateurs d'intérieur

Créateurs d'intérieur is a group of decorators, interior architects, architects, and landscape designers, who carry out interior and global design projects in Paris, France & abroad.


Interior architect

An interior designer in Paris will guide you in your remodeling project: from the study (floor plans, materials, estimates) to the execution (followed by the construction administration, the choice of furniture, the decoration).


A qualified and registered Architect designs your construction project, enlargement or renovation of your interior in Paris.

Interior Decorator

Thanks to an interior decorator you will be able to transform your interior without resorting to important transformation: by choosing furniture, by taking esthetic orientations and choosing color schemes.

Interior Makeover

Transform your interior without changing your floor plan and find a new set up for your furniture, objects and decoration with an interior makeover and a decoration coaching.

Diagnosis before a real estate purchase

A professional helps you with his/her an expert eye to determine whether or not the property that you are willing to buy has potential. Location: Paris (house, apartment).

Advice on buying a new property on plan

Benefit from our expertise to choose from the differents options and finishings when buying a new VEFA apartment (Buying before construction).

Retail Interior Design

An interior designer conceives and executes your commercial space planning for It to reflect your brand identity and the core identity of your company : Offices, shop, restaurant, hotel.

Interior designer specialized in handicap problematics

An interior designer is dedicated to the handicap and the senior issues to adapt your habitat in order to make it more secure and more comfortable.

Landscaper gardener

A landscaper helps you to conceive, execute and maintain you external living spaces : balcony, terraces, patio, or garden.

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